My other cats (click photos to reach galleries)

Misère des rues (of the peace)
Female (neutral) born in 2008
Brown tabby mackerel and white

Nice little cat of gutter, very slim, with long delicate legs and eyes enjoleurs, Misery "invited herself" in the Gardens of the Beach, and so much put on a lot of pressure to be definitively adopted, that we eventually gave in ! ;-)

After having roamed months in the garden one morning, we saw this small opportunist comfortably installed in a straw hat, forgotten on the terrace, and returned by the wind (picture of the scene in her gallery).
I understood this day there that she would be a member of the family...

The series of poisoning which struck the district precipitated things !
I locked my Misery of streets into the enclosure, and left her alone during three months, the time to make her test twice FIV / FELV, and to take no risk for my other cats.

My Misery remains very timorous, but has managed all the same to find her way in the feline troop. She has me, it seems, finally granted her confidence, often sleeps with me, and is allowed I manipulate her succintement.

Young Misery, you are under my protection by now :-)


In homage to my Odin
Male (neutral) born one day of June, 1998, died in June, 2010
Siamese type seal point

My cat... A relation if close bound us, such a love I should say !

You did not spend one night somewhere else that in my bed, participated in all my actions or almost. Reserved in the presence of the human beings, possessive and require excessively with me, you embodied the opposite of the feline independence !

Odin, you left me. You left for a few days of a lymphoma. You will stay for ever in my heart...

In homage to my Horus
Male (neutral) born on 02/08/2000, died in 2007
Red tabby blotched

A color of an exceptional intensity, a devastating charisma...

Very feline, Horus was a cat emotional and reactive ! It is moreover the reason which wisely convinced me not to expose him in cat of house. In real occupant of places, he was present, adored the sessions of brushing, often looked at television programs !

Endowed with an obvious intelligence, he possessed an asserted character and was not allowed matter by his congeners. In gutter fullblown, he had apparently no complex in front of titled and other recognized ! He was the outright leader, and suffered no conflict within his "pack" !

Horus has fought for a long time against an arisen I.R.C while he was not five years old, but this latter removed him to me.
My Tigrou, you are for ever my wild child with this exceptional strength and a soft heart...